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Purchase one Private Lesson with me, Donna Yanus at $60.00.
Or Purchase a set of 6 Private Lessons for a fabulous discount at $240.00.

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We can discuss the details of your private, live streaming Zoom lessons after purchase. I will send you a private link. Here are some great starting ideas:
– Improve your practice
– Specific sequence
– Chakra balancing

Reasons for taking private sessions:

  • If you have a medical condition, and are not sure if you can benefit from a group live streaming

I have helped a lot of students with the healing art of yoga, its doesn’t always mean Downward Dog pose.  There are a lot of yoga tools in the toolbox.

  • If you are a beginner or have not taken many classes before chances are you may not be very flexible. There is no such thing as being bad at yoga!

Private Instruction will prepare you to dive into your Yoga the right way.  This can insure you feel good faster and proceed with more confidence.   You will be instructed to use the Yoga tools that are best for your individual needs.

  • Almost everyone can use additional information on how to use a “variation” of a yoga posture to receive the best physical benefit.
  • If you have already started taking classes or videos Private Instruction can help you to understand how to “deepen” your yoga practice from a place inside, so you can shine on the outside.
  • You can learn to implement the Breathing techniques, that are best for you, and can get you through some challenging times.

The more you practice the more you learn how to use what you already have inside.

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