Enjoy one full month of Yoga lessons!  You will have access to all of these videos –

  1. Up with people -good full body opening (after long periods of sitting) – Good to strengthen legs and arms. Reverse boat pose is great after long trips or a lot of sitting. The celebration of the people around you helps you to celebrate your optimism. Be happy and optimistic about others and yourself.
  2. Let the Soul Lead-full body – Great for whole body freedom, with focus on the neck and shoulders region. When the mind and the heart are in competition, the soul is where we find the balance.
  3. Independence Day-standing postures – As the full moon approaches we bow backwards to the Moon. Ardha Chandrasana for balance half moon.
  4. Upper Body Strength-upper body – Positive Affirmations/ mental mantra/potent words to signal the mind body connection. Today we focus on upper body strength, arms ,upper torso and chest.
  5. Summer of Love-upper body – This practice is a physical practice focused on the upper Body. And making this the summer of Love. The opposite of Love is not Hate. The opposite of Love is fear. And during these uncertain times, there is a strong element of fear. The body and mind react to fear unconsciously. That is why the yoga practice is so important right now. Yoga allows us to shift the mind, and see things with more compassion and less distraction. To break through the fear we must focus on Love and self love and respect. Then we can project that.
  6. Gentle Yoga – Great place to get started in the morning. Moving energy through the body, without forcing any movements. Slowing it down will create more energy for mind and body.
  7. Restorative Yoga – Restorative Yoga provides healing for the body and mind. It is especially useful to reduce anxiety from and over doing and “over thinking”. It can also assist the body in recovery from illness and injury. With a regular practice, Restorative yoga has been known to make the body less vulnerable to stress related diseases, and disorders. Use two rolled blankets or two pillows. Play your favorite music, I like Todd Norian- Baja for this sequence.
  8. Morning Prana– Breathing – Pranayama is an ancient tradition of Breathing techniques to enhance the wellness of the body and mind. Prana is the energy that is hidden within the breath. Start your Day with 15 minutes of breathing and self observation. Try it for 1 week and notice any changes in energy level and attitude. Pranayama is best practiced on an empty stomach. It is found in fresh clean air, and fresh water.