Enjoy one full week of Yoga lessons!  You will have access to all of these videos –

  1. Mantra – This video creates upper body strength. Get some help on shifting your thoughts, So you can Stop draining your brain…and continue to train your brain.
  2. Gentle Yoga – Great place to get started in the morning. Moving energy through the body, without forcing any movements. Slowing it down will create more energy for mind and body.
  3. Restorative Yoga – Restorative Yoga provides healing for the body and mind. It is especially useful to reduce anxiety from and over doing and “over thinking”. It can also assist the body in recovery from illness and injury. With a regular practice, Restorative yoga has been known to make the body less vulnerable to stress related diseases, and disorders. Use two rolled blankets or two pillows. Play your favorite music, I like Todd Norian- Baja for this sequence.
  4. Morning Prana– Breathing – Pranayama is an ancient tradition of Breathing techniques to enhance the wellness of the body and mind. Prana is the energy that is hidden within the breath. Start your Day with 15 minutes of breathing and self observation. Try it for 1 week and notice any changes in energy level and attitude. Pranayama is best practiced on an empty stomach. It is found in fresh clean air, and fresh water.