Creating Alignment is one of the most paramount techniques of your practice.

When the bones are in alignment, they support the body. The muscles support your bones. Using Yoga props can help you to become more aware of your alignment, and create a more balanced musculoskeletal system. Past injuries, as well as work and life routines can create imbalances in muscles. This leads to chronic overuse and damage of specific areas of the body. In most cases, eventually needing , costly surgeries, and medications to relieve pain.

Yoga with props and breathing techniques can help you to become more aware of alignment and balance of your physical body, and create more freedom of movement. This is of the important ingredients for wellness and longevity.

Lesson One – What are Props Video
Lesson Two – Mountain Pose with Props Video
Lesson Three – Downward facing Dog with Props Video
Lesson Four – More Props in a Yoga Practice (read)
Lesson Five – Using Props in Practice Video

Yoga props are not just for beginning students, or people with injuries. Props can enhance any practice and improve alignment.

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