Special Event

Awaken the Power of Sleep

How do we sleep?

What happens anyway?

Why do we sleep?

How much sleep do we really need?

How do I get the best quality sleep?

Special event on the power of sleep, and how to “GET SOME”!

An informative power point presentation followed by a simple yoga sequence. An aid to enjoying the state of consciousness, that we call SLEEP.

Presented by Donna Yanus RDH, RYT-E500

A two hour informative event on some of the newest studies of sleep.

And some of the oldest traditions of Yoga!

This interesting and valuable workshop begins with a powerpoint presentation, and evolves into a one hour yoga class.

From the comfort of your own home; you can practice a sequence of postures that allow the body to relax and prepare for a more comfortable and beneficial nights sleep.

I will also email you a copy of the sequence of postures.

You will need some yoga “props”, such as a blanket or yoga mat. Some pillows, or a yoga bolster. A chair or any other comfortable seat.

“Sleep Workshop” – $40